A brief guide to Mock the Weak. Please send any further questions not covered below to mocktheweakblog@gmail.com

  • Can I contribute to Mock the Weak?

Yes, you can. Please send all suitable images (preferably JPEG format) to mocktheweakblog@gmail.com and any decent ones will be used. Please include a name to be credited by if you want one.

  • How often do you update?

At least once a week, on Sundays, although occasionally more often if demand is great enough.

  • What inspired the blog?

Please see this entry.

  • I want to start a blog too! Can you give me any advice?

Just go for it. You’ve nothing to lose. Try to make sure your topic hasn’t been covered more interestingly elsewhere, though.

  • You ripped me off!

No I didn’t.

  • Who are you?

A sassy dropout cage fighter named Lynsey. Russian born and bred.

  • Can I send you money?

Certainly. Contact me for details, unless you’re Nigerian and they include my debit card and pin numbers.

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The birth of Mock the Weak

All of this began with one woman’s humble little suggestion spotted by yours truly in a Sunday supplement magazine. The lady in question had unfortunately been obliged to miss the 10th birthday of a beloved pet. Rather than not observe the passing into double figures of her darling companion, this boundlessly devoted woman roped in a ‘friend’. Little Fido got his birthday cake with ten candles – complete with bib and tiara, although dogs are allergic to chocolate, and the cake was smothered in it – and the joyous occasion was documented in full for the lucky readers of The Mirror on Sunday.

The humility and brilliance shown by the senders of tips and photos to all those women’s magazines deserved to be documented, I passionately believe: and so Mock the Weak was born.

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