A brief guide to Mock the Weak. Please send any further questions not covered below to mocktheweakblog@gmail.com

  • Can I contribute to Mock the Weak?

Yes, you can. Please send all suitable images (preferably JPEG format) to mocktheweakblog@gmail.com and any decent ones will be used. Please include a name to be credited by if you want one.

  • How often do you update?

At least once a week, on Sundays, although occasionally more often if demand is great enough.

  • What inspired the blog?

Please see this entry.

  • I want to start a blog too! Can you give me any advice?

Just go for it. You’ve nothing to lose. Try to make sure your topic hasn’t been covered more interestingly elsewhere, though.

  • You ripped me off!

No I didn’t.

  • Who are you?

A sassy dropout cage fighter named Lynsey. Russian born and bred.

  • Can I send you money?

Certainly. Contact me for details, unless you’re Nigerian and they include my debit card and pin numbers.

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